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If you’re looking for a great gym to start the new year, this is NOT the place, and I’ll tell you why: After being a member for nearly a year at the South location, I was coming back to the gym after a few months due to unforeseen heart surgery. I came in ready for my workout, exactly as I had for the past year.

I scanned my key tag, as normal, and ended up being stopped by the front desk attendant because their computers indicated that my membership was solely for their east location. 
 I explained that had to be wrong as I signed up for the South gym, a year previous and had only ever been to the South location (I do not even know where the East location is) and I literally live within walking distance from the Southside location. 
 Due to my heart condition I’m unable to drive so there is no way I would have signed up for a gym on the opposite side of town from where I live and work. Again, over the past year this “location issue” had never been brought up.

 The guy who checked me in acknowledged that I had only ever checked in at the Southside location and also acknowledged that my address is nearby. He wasn’t sure what had happened and another worker walked up and said I’d need to speak with a manager to get this sorted. I immediately called the indicated number and asked to speak with a manager repeatedly. I left numerous messages and didn’t receive a call back for over a week.

I am still unable to use my membership (which I am STILL paying for in the meantime) due to their error. I finally received a call back and I was informed that the only way to ‘fix’ my membership was for me to pay an extra $10 a month or pay $55 to switch my account to the South gym. I told them, yet again, that I didn’t sign up at the East gym, I’ve never been there and that I would not be paying for their mistake they made nearly a year ago. They refused to budge on the change fees and then went as far to quiz me on exactly how I signed up, insinuating I was making this situation up.

The woman I spoke with on the phone was rude, curt, and had very little skills in conflict resolution. I told her they should have documentation of how people sign up instead of calling their customers liars. I have other friends who have had similar issues with this gym. In addition to this entire situation above, I had previously requested my account to be suspended for 3 months—which they will openly tell you can be done without costs or change to subscription.

When I went in to suspend my account, I was told they could only do the suspension for 1 month and that I needed doctors notes. Out of curiosity, I have gone back through my bank statements and saw that they had charged me 2 of the 3 months I had asked for them to freeze my account (which my roommate had done no problem during the previous summer). I called in to check on the suspension and the man said the ‘girl was new and that that was incorrect and he would call back after they fixed that.’ I was out of the country (hence the freeze requested) and apparently it never was resolved. I said I would pay the $55 charge with the 2 months they charged me I had requested off and they said they don’t do that and would call be back after reviewing.

It has now been over 2 weeks since I last spoke with a customer service rep and I am yet to hear anything back, despite their promises of a follow up call. The way I have been treated after being a loyal customer for over a year has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a local company, and I am not the only person who I have heard horror stories from. The staff has been quick to place the blame, unwilling to work with me on finding a resolution, and the inconsistency of answers I have received by multiple reps has me questioning how this business is still managing to function. They have zero documentation of anything and that is what they continually fall back on.

I have not yet heard back and doubt I will until it’s time for another payment.

This gym doesn’t care about helping people with their health or fitness, all they care about is money. Take you money elsewhere and go to a gym that cares about their customers because you won’t get that here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Body Renew Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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